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Actors’ Intensive: Stanislavski Technique with David Scott


TBC, 4 Tuesday Evenings

€95 members / €125 Non-Members

This four-week course on Tuesday nights will take students through the basic concepts of Stanislavski’s movement from Melodrama to Realism, and into some of his more complex technical tools. This course will suit actors both beginner and advanced, writers interested in dramatic structure, and directors interested in drawing truthful performances from their actors.


Stanislavski’s famous work redefined acting in Russia in the late eighteen- hundreds and saw the birth of Naturalism and Realism on the stage. This movement also gave rise, for the first time, to Studio-style training of actors. Bringing his production of The Seagull to Russia in the 1920’s, Stanislavski trained and influenced Strasberg, Meisner and Adler and his influence has permeated American theatre and film right up until today. Often controversial and misunderstood, Stanislavski’s famous book An Actor Prepares will be the basis for this course.

Course Content:

  • Relaxation
  • Given Circumstances
  • Imagination
  • Faith and a Sense of Truth
  • Objectives
  • Emotion Memory
  • Tempo Rhythm

Lead Tutor: David Scott

David Scott
David Scott is an Australian born actor, writer, director and acting teacher. He has worked extensively as a professional actor in both Australia and Ireland on television, stage and film, appearing in such programs as “All Saints”, “Water Rats” and “Home and Away” in Australia, and “The Clinic”, “Fair City”, “Damage”, “The Tudors” (series 2 and 4), “Game of Thrones” and “The Vikings” since arriving in Ireland in 2004.

David is Director of the Actor’s Wednesday Workshop and the Actor’s Friday Studio, highly regarded part-time programmes for developing and advanced actors and is Director of The Applied Art of Acting, an intensive, single-technique 3 month fulltime program for actors of exceptional ability. David has taught extensively for The Gaiety School of Acting, The Irish Film Academy and for many theatre companies, drama groups, schools and organisations in Ireland, Australia and abroad. David has also written three textbooks on acting technique, “The Beautiful Stage”, “The Art of Acting” and “The Possible Someone”, all available at

David is also Artistic Director of Company D Theatre, a Dublin based theatre company focused on promoting new work, new actors and theatre artists. Company D has produced many critically acclaimed shows since its foundation in 2006, eleven of which David has written, and is one of the most highly regarded independent theatre outfits in Ireland.

David has taught actors advanced techniques since his early twenties, constantly developing his own cutting-edge approaches and exchanging with great teachers, directors and theatre and film artists. This constantly evolving work is highly valued by actors and practitioners of theatre and film around the world.


  • TBC

Class times:

  • 6.30pm – 9.30pm


  • €95 members / €125 Non-Members
  • €50 Deposit


  • Filmbase, Temple Bar, Curved street

To book your place on this course, please contact Filmbase Reception on 01 679 6716 and dial 0. For more information on this course, email our Training Department at Please read our Terms & Conditions before booking a course.