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“Haven’t you ever wanted to do something you know you shouldn’t, and didn’t it feel fantastic?!”

A new play by Lindsay J Sedgwick
Starring Julie Lockey

A comedy about love and thumbs…

When Lena liberates a thumb from the lab in which she works as a cleaner, it seems only fair to grow him back into a (luscious) man and then, well, to keep him safe. Hostage, like. But out of love. Entirely out of love. She rescued him, you see. From being a thumb in a jar.

That’s love, see. Against all the odds. Of everything.

Running time: 40 minutes

7pm Weds to Friday this week, 2nd – 4th March
1pm Weds to Sat this week, 2 – 5th March

7pm Monday to Friday next week, 7th – 11th March
1pm Monday to Saturday next week, 7th to 12th March

PHONE / +353 (0)86 1663363 EMAIL /

TICKETS: Euro 10.00/ 8.00



“But maybe I wouldn’t have had the nerve. If it hadn’t been that the moon was all harvesty and new and him stuck in a basement with me and two dozen cleaning agents, three brands of rubber gloves and cleavage to beat the bubbles out of an oxygen tank and prevent asphyxiation.”

“He moved like a leopard, half way to Mulligan’s before I could catch up; me in my Scooby Doo slippers and pjs that would play solo guitar to The Boss. And then he’s shouting the odds about being imprisoned by a lunatic. And I’m not. I know I’m not cos my mother was. You can’t live with lunatics without knowing you will never be one.”


JULIE LOCKEY (Lena). Julie first studied acting on her Grandma’s carpet while watching Fred and Ginger films and countless musicals. A native of Cheshire, she went to the University of Salford, to study Media and Performance, before moving to London via an adventure in Australia.
Whilst in the big smoke she worked on a number of short films, TV shows (both behind and in front of the camera) and was lucky enough to work with The Barbican for You Me Bum Bum Train.

Some of her credits include: for television: Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, Panorama; theatre: Lady McDuff in MacBeth for the Lowry, Salford, The Witch in EduPlay’s Jack and the Beanstalk (touring), Mab in The Voyage of Bran (Westport theatre festival); feature film: Poison Pen (director Lorna Fitzsimons) and short film: Queensbury Rules (Boxfilms), The Power of Attraction (dir. Hugh O’Donoghue), Love is… (dir. Lorna Fitzsimons). She is represented by Fraser Models and Actors’ Agency.

LINDSAY J SEDGWICK, Writer. An award-winning screenwriter and former journalist, whose nine hours of TV and film credits include the creation of the ground-breaking award-winning TV series, PUNKY. Previous plays have been staged in the Focus Theatre, Smock Alley Theatre, Theatre Upstairs, the Waterside (Derry), Cork Arts Theatre and broadcast on BBC Radio 4.
( She is currently working on the fourth of this series of one woman plays (Salt on her Skin (2013), Fried Eggs (2015), All Thumbs (2016) and Benjamin.)


Fried Eggs, 2015: “Sedgwick’s script plays with the fragility of the human psyche whilst also engaging the audience for its 60 minute running time. This is, beneath the surface, a complex tale of how we either consciously or unconsciously deal with trauma and the impact it can have on our lives.” – David Keane, The Public Reviews

“This slow-paced, deeply emotional and very organic play tells us a story of “two selves”. The last piece of the season is surely going to be one of the most memorable ones.” – Yana Patrakova, Unforgettable Lines

“The writing is powerful, the subject matter gripping, and the performance by Karen Connell is winsome and compulsive. A brave and engaging piece of theatre, do yourself a favour and take some time to see it.” – Caroline Farrell, The Librarian’s Cellar

“Karen Connell… conveys the neurotic core of Eloise and the sensuous indulgence of Lulu with beautiful understatement. A lot of credit must go to the careful staging, directed by the author, Lindsay Jane Sedgwick.” – Michael Moffatt, The Irish Mail on Sunday

“Excellent, exciting, beautiful new piece of writing.” “Absolutely brilliant…. Gut wrenching.” “I found myself smiling aloud…” “A beautifully crafted little gem. Mesmerizing. Deserves a longer run.” (Salt on Our Skin, 2013)

“… a complete and utter joy to watch.””[We were} totally and and utterly captivated throughout.””Truly beautiful… A privilege to see it. It deserves to be seen by many, many more audiences ” (By Mr Farquhar, 2013)

“Gripping psychological drama… a startlingly good piece of writing ( Emer O’Kelly, Sunday Independent) “A terrifying piece of theatre. I have a feeling this is not the last time we will see this play. It deserves to be done again and again.” “Brilliantly written play…Fascinating… language which is rich and full of powerful imagery. – The Examiner. “Magnetic…a masterpiece of unusual, highly dramatic yet entertaining theatre that will live long in our memories.” – East Cork newspaper (Fur Doesn’t Hurt, 1997)

“A terrifying piece of theatre. I have a feeling this is not the last time we will see this play. It deserves to be done again and again.” “An absolutely superb thriller. The writing was very tight, very intense.” (Trade Me A Dream, 1996 and 1997)