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TITLE: The Last Supper TYPE & DURATION: Stage Play LOCATION (S): Dublin & Wicklow (Greystones)

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Reelscreen Films COMPANY INFO: PRODUCER: Kamal Ibrahim DIRECTOR: Jason Branagan CASTING BY: Reelscreen Films

COMPENSATION: Yes (Profit Share)

DATES: Rehearsals commencing in October 2017.


SYNOPSIS: Set in real-time over a three-course meal, ‘The Last Supper’ is a one of a kind theatrical dining experience. When Bobby Carroll, an aging gangster, brings his family to ‘The Whale’ restaurant to celebrate the news that he’s going to become a grandfather for the first time his personal life begins to unravel as his work life comes crashing down around his family.


SAL (late 30s): The energetic owner of a club/restaurant called The Whale, which caters to a high end criminal clientele. He’s boiling with ‘used-car-salesman’ personality.

BOBBY CARROLL (50s): Aging crime boss and head of the Carroll family. Bobby is a businessman but work often gets in the way of family. He’s a preferred client at The Whale.

MO CARROLL (50s): Bobby’s wife. She’s sick of her family coming in second place to Bobby’s work.

ROBERT JNR (late 20s): Bobby’s youngest son. He’s not involved in the family business. He just found out that he’s going to be a father for the first time.

TEDDY (30): Bobby’s eldest son. He has a fraught relationship with his father and tensions run high. He is involved in the business, but doesn’t have his father’s respect.

ALLY (20s): Ally is Robert’s wife. She’s pregnant with her first child. She’s familiar with the family, and can hold her own at the table.

SARA (20s): Sara is a performer at The Whale. She’s a crowd favorite and has a voice like velvet (actor does not have to be able to sing).


Please submit your headshot, CV, reel (if available), age and contact details among with the role you are applying for to the emails listed above.

Castings will be held on Wednesday 20th September in Dublin City Centre.

For more information please contact: