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Audition CC – Sound Editing and Mixing

12th – 14th April, Thursday – Saturday

€510 Members / €550 Non-Members

This three-day course suits video editors wanting to learn the basic structures and techniques of audio editing, repair and multitrack mixing. 

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Intern opportunity


Sound Engineering

Gain experience in: Audio Post Production including Sound Editing, Sound Mixing and ADR for Animation, Commercials and Feature Film in a highly creative and professional environment.

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InConversation with Composer Joseph Conlan

joseph conlan 150

Composing Film Scores

Film Ireland sit down with composer Joseph Conlan in the latest episode of InConversation, a series of audio interviews with film industry experts.

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“Fix it in Post” – When to Rely on Post-Production

Equipment_Edit Suite_2 (278x185)How reliant should you be on post-production? When is it better to spend the time getting an effect in-camera that could be achieved easily in the editing room? Eamonn Gray, for Film Ireland, talked to directors Virginia Gilbert, Colm McCarthy, Lenny Abrahamson and Brian O’Malley about ‘post addiction’ and how to avoid the habit.

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Crowd Duplication Tutorial – by John Kennedy

Resources_Post_127 - VFX Crowd duplicationVisual effects artist John Kennedy gives a practical guide to the commonly used post technique, crowd duplication.

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The Craft of Film Editing – by David O Mahony

Resources_Post_124 - mementoAssessing the influence editing has on a film is no easy task; the arrangement of images within a scene goes some way to defining the tone, mood, pace and length of the overall piece. Key decisions such as how long a shot is held prior to cutting, the choice of scene and shot sequencing and the relationships engineered between images can all effect subtle yet crucial deviations in audience reaction. Editing, in a very real sense, can be as manipulative as a lugubrious composer’s emotional underscoring of dramatic events in the narrative.

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