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“CINEMA” by artist Paul Weerasekera


10th – 20th November

The transformation of our favourite movie stars and memorable scenes onto canvas can be seen at here at Filmbase exhibition, by painter Paul Weerasekera. Cinema on Canvas is a new exhibition opening at Filmbase, Dublin on 10th November 2016 as part of Dub WebFest.

The enduring influence of movies such as Star Wars, Batman, Pulp Fiction and many more is widely acknowledged and continues to be celebrated worldwide – what better way to celebrate this impact than by owning a genuine acrylic masterpiece on canvas created by Paul Weerasekera.

Erol Mustafov, Co-Director, Dub WebFest , said: Paul’s creativity, innovation and talent has shown no bounds. I am thrilled Dub Web Fest and Filmbase is staging Paul’s first major Dublin exhibition about Cinema on Canvas. It promises to be an unmissable exhibition for all cinema and art fans and a joyful discovery for everyone.

The work of the Paul Weerasekera is characterised for most people by his paintings and art work spanning a career of more than 25 solo exhibitions around Ireland and the USA, yet he can also be seen passing on the knowledge of art through his art classes hosted weekly in a number of venues. The story of Paul Weerasekera is that of a dedicated cinema fan and an avid collector of movie memorabilia which has allowed him to portray a true understanding of cinema into his paintings.

Mikael Theiry, Co-Director, Dub Web Fest , said: For Dub Web Fest, we wanted an artist who is as passionate about story-telling as we are. And what better way to display this passion and understanding for this craft and skill! By having the exhibition on at the same time as Dub Web Fest, attendees at the festival will have the opportunity to revisit childhood memories through canvas paintings of some classic movies and cult tv-series. The unprecedented array of acrylic canvas paintings that Paul has prepared for this exhibition is not simply for admiration, but inspiration to those interested in cinema.