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‘Daria’ Wins in Nevada


Nevada International Film Festival

‘Daria’, a new Irish feature film, has been awarded a Silver Screen Jury prize at the 2015 Nevada International Film Festival.

The festival is the silver state’s annual celebration of excellence in American and international independent cinema.

This success follows on from Daria‘s Bronze Palm award in the Narrative Feature competition at the 2015 Mexico International Film Festival.

The film is currently in competition at the Los Angeles CineFest, the Accolade Global Film Awards (San Diego) and the Hollywood Sky Film Festival amongst others.

Daria stars award winning Irish actors Patrick O Donnell, Trevor Downey and Rory Mullen and features Russian/Irish newcomer Natasha Cullen in the title role. The story is based on true events which took place in a rural Irish town land, thirty miles from Dublin.

Daria was written and directed by Colin Downey and produced by Ehlemvision.