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‘Date: Time’ in Post Production


Film Limerick Trilogy

‘Date: Time’, the final short film in the hugely-anticipated Film Limerick trilogy has finished shooting and is now in post production. This romantic short film was written by Philip Shanahan and directed by Paul Corey and features local actors Mark Griffin and Erica Murray.

This ambitious project was realised by Film Limerick Project Manager, Ronan Cassidy, and Irish Writer and Director Gerry Stembridge and with the assistance of Behind the Scenes. The trilogy of films has brought together both professional and aspiring film makers in Limerick to create a film cultural legacy that will hopefully continue for many years to come.

What has made this project unique is that three first time writers and directors saw their work brought to the screen. Training opportunities were given on set by Gerry, Ronan and the Director of Photography Patrick Jordan (Volkswagen Joe, Pentecost) to the different production departments. Post production is being overseen by Simon McGuire in Limerick Institute of Technology, where similar opportunities are given to trainee editors. Finally music will be added by Patrick Cassidy (Hannibal, Calvary) and Noel Hogan (Cranberries), who will make his debut as a film composer.

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