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Feature Film Casting


Lead & Supporting Role

This is an unpaid casting.

Cedarwood Park Productions is making their first feature film ‘FOR I HAVE SINNED’. This casting is for the lead role and main supporting role.

The lead, JACK, a 27 year old who is in the Irish Defence Forces. He has just lost his brother in arms, JOHN, while over seas in Siberia. He returns home with a secret and looking for forgiveness for something that is revealed as the movie comes to its close. In good shape, a withdrawn person who we start to see grow warm when Amy is introduced into his life.

Main Supporting, AMY, 24 year old woman. Amy is in an abusive relationship and has nowhere to turn in her life with her family not around and her brother, JOHN, dieing while away serving with the Army. Her life starts to turn around a bit when JACK comes into her life. She’s a strong enough person but has serious issues when it comes to looking at her life, for instance, being in a relationship with a heroin addicted boyfriend who’s addiction is only getting worse.

FOR I HAVE SINNED follows JACK, who is recently suspended from the Irish Army for being violent towards a Civilian. He tries to repair his life with the sister of his brother in arms, John, who died while overseas. But Jack has a sin that he feels he needs forgiveness for and this haunts him throughout the story.

The film is an indie shoot, so unfortunately nobody is getting paid. Expenses and food will be covered for the shoot.

8 positions left for the audition day to be filled.

Auditions are being held in Dublin on the 25th July.

If interested, e-mail James with a CV and SHOWREEL to —

Showreel —