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Free Spooky Shorts Screening for Hallowe’en 2008



30th October – 1st November, 2008

Spooky Goings on at Filmbase!

For Hallowe’en 2008, Filmbase concocted a fiendish selection of short films for you to get your teeth into. Not for the feint-hearted this programme of shorts, running at around and hour and fifteen minutes, screened Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Many thanks to all of the filmmakers for their permission to screen these films. Please note that not all of these films are suitable for children!

There was an eclectic mix of stylized animations, psychological live action shorts and just plain terrifying storytelling.




Written & directed by Eoin Ryan

Incarcerated in heaven, in a tiny cell, a demon sits out eternity. She longs to gaze out the solitary window but her nature won’t allow it. Then a visitor arrives on her window ledge. (Animation)


Written & Directed by Matthew Horan

A man trapped in a totalitarian state is given a small chance at redemption but out of fear he rejects it.(Animation)

End of a Scarer

Written & Directed by Chris O’Hara

When an out-dated horror film star monster gets the boot, he sets out to prove he’s still got what it takes to scare! (Animation)

Dog From Hell

Written & Directed by Alessandro Molatore

An Italian short film where we learn of a legend from the middle ages when a student had a special deal with a creature from hell…. (Live Action)

King Pawn

Written & Directed by Trevor Courtney

A metaphor for the struggle of the individual in a repressed society. The story follows the growing awareness of one Pawn and his inability to exist in his surroundings. (Animation)


Written & Directed by Brendan Muldowney

Two young friends make the most of their summer holidays playing in the Dublin mountains. (Live action)

Uncle Bill’s Barrel

Written & Directed by Eoin Ryan

How a rural family copes with a deceased uncle who refuses to stay in his grave… (Live action)

The Ten Steps

Written & Directed by Brendan Muldowney

A young girl baby-sits in an old house… (Live action)

Night Terror

Written & Directed by Ian Kenny

On a wild and stormy night a weary young woman arrives home to her mansion after a long journey. Suffering from extreme exhaustion she becomes paranoid as she feels that she is not alone. (Live action)


Written & Directed by Alan Brennan

Claire’s night terrors are taking their toll on her relationship with Will. Scared he’s leaving her, Claire seeks assurance that everything is fine, and that there’s no monster in the bedroom…