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‘Get Real?’


VR Community Ireland

Tues 5th April from 7:30pm
Training Room 1

Tuesday 5th April will see the third gathering of VR Community Ireland – a group of actors, writers, directors, animators, technologists, psychologists, filmmakers, academics and VR enthusiasts who meet once a month at Filmbase to explore the new storytelling possibilities presented by Virtual Reality.
The theme this month will be ‘Get Real?’ focusing on the possible emotional impact of VR storytelling.
Guest speaker Dr. Brendan Rooney (masters in neuropsychology and perception), will be speaking about his research relating to emotion and realism in film and virtual reality.
As a group we will discuss the considerations when creating content for such an emotionally engaging and immersive medium.
As always, there will be plenty of VR headsets and demos for all 
For more information, contact Camille Donegan (