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Hannah Sawtell Live Performance


Saturday 21 February, 10pm at Filmbase

On Saturday night London based artist Hannah Sawtell will create a unique audio-visual performance for PLASTIK Dublin.

In her performances, Sawtell uses CGI/ HD video and strobing effects, online and contemporary media such as tablets, phones and open source software to build dense digital noise in what she describes as ‘direct rhythms’ addressing the viewer with a pulsing, ‘schizo-spacial’ situation of sound and light.

Sawtell’s varied and multidisciplinary practice considers the relationship between the surface of images and objects that circulate global systems, provoking debate around the technology of access, labour, capital and desire. Her work includes installation, video, print, publication, radio broadcast, sound and performance.

Exploiting the tools and materials available within a digital platform, her work frequently occupies the repetition and velocity analogous to contemporary production, evoking an aesthetic of the industrial, integrating noise, rhythm and beat as formal, disruptive devices. Much of her influence also stems from her previous work running Detroit’s Planet E Label.

This is Sawtell’s first performance in Ireland.

Tickets are available online here.

Curated by Sibyl Montague