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“Lift” Feature Film Auditions


Now Accepting Applications

C.A.S. Productions Ireland Limited are pleased to announce auditions for their debut feature film “LIFT” which begins production in June.

How to Apply
Interested actors/actresses should send a current headshot, CV and showreel (if available) to Due to the high number of expected applicants please bare with
us and do not expect an immediate response. We will do our best to get back to everyone. Auditions
will carry in to April, so it may be a while till you hear from us.

Sean’s vicious attack leaves a man unconscious and him stranded in an elevator with five others. In
the confines of the lift, love has a chance of blossoming – violence has a chance of erupting – Sean
has little chance of escape. With his freedom hanging in the balance can the people who fear him
offer him one last chance of redemption?

Character Descriptions
Sean: Early 20’s. He is a young man on the edge. He can be commanding and take control of a bad
situation. He is also quite vulnerable so the actor needs to be able to portray both light and dark
sides of his personality. Think Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon.

Mick: Early 30’s everyman. Typical guy, has the craic with his friend Jay. A nice guy that can be
slightly awkward sometimes, particularly around Fiona who he fancies. He is a calming influence in
the group. Actor needs to be humorous but also able to show signs of leadership when he needs to.

Fiona: 20’s/ early 30’s. Strong willed girl. Can be funny and well able to handle herself with the
lads. Doesn’t think much of Jay and doesn’t overly notice Mick. She can be kind when she wants to
be, but has a bit of an attitude at times; mainly because she is so bored.

Thomas: 40’s/ 50’s. Middle aged and out of shape; Thomas is having the worst time off all apart
from Sean. He hates the tight quarters and is frightened. Father of Sofia he worries about her also.
He has a touch of claustrophobia and is sicker in the stomach with each passing minute.

Sofia: 10-12. Young kid unfazed by the situation. She has a kind heart and is perhaps the bravest of
all of them. She is almost enjoying the drama of the situation and being in the company of adults.
She can speak her mind and hold her own in the group.

Frank: 30’s/40’s. Big, tough. Can act like a normal person but he has a venomous streak. He has a
dark soul and isn’t afraid to show it.

Flannery: 30’s/40’s. Guard. Good guy just going through the motions. He’s more puzzled than
anything else as he tries to figure out what is going on.

Alan: 30’s/40’s. Bit of a dummy and has a slacker vibe about him. Totally clueless.