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‘Miss Julie’ Directed by Liv Ullmann, Starring Colin Farrell and Jessica Chastain

MISS JULIE 230x240

Opens in Dublin’s IFI this Friday

Miss Julie, an Irish co-production directed by Liv Ullmann (Faithless) and starring Colin Farrell (Intermission, True Detective), Jessica Chastain (Interstellar, Zero Dark Thirty) and Samantha Morton (In America, Minority Report), opens in Dublin’s Irish Film Institute (IFI) this Friday, August 28th.

Based on August Strindberg’s play, Miss Julie relocates from Sweden to Ireland and takes place on a large country estate in 1890. Over the course of one midsummer night, a brutal, flirtatious power struggle takes place between Julie, a young aristocratic woman, and John, her father’s valet. In an atmosphere of revelry and loosened social constraints, Julie and John dance, drink, charm and manipulate each other. She is haughty but longing for abasement, he is both polished and coarse; they are held together by mutual loathing and attraction. Their escape comes in one final act that is as sublime and horrific as anything in Greek tragedy.

The film debuted at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival in 2014. Miss Julie was co-produced by Subotica in Ireland, filmed on location in Fermanagh and was co-funded by Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board, in addition to NIS, Norwegian FI, Media House Capital and Altaris Capital. Irish producers on the project were Tristan Orpen Lynch and Aoife O’Sullivan.