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Short Film – Tá Schumacher Ar A Bhealach (Schumacher is on his way)



TITLE: Tá Schumacher Ar A Bhealach (Schumacher is on his Way)

Funded by: Filmbase/TG4 Lasair Scheme

Director: Brian Timmons
Writer: Brian Timmons
Producer: Sabina Brennan
Production Company: Pollux Pictures

Running Time: 11 Mins
Year: 2002
Language: Irish (English Subs)

Key Cast: Tom O’Leary, Clelia Murphy
DOP: Dave Grennan


A black comedy about an expectant father obsessed with motor racing. Michael is mad on Schumacher! His journey to hospital with his expectant wife and the birth of his daughter is a formula 1 race.