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SHORT SHOTS Filmbase/RTÉ Short Film Scheme 2017

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This unique scheme doesn’t just fund films, it offers the next generation of filmmakers a programme of development and production support.

Championing Ireland’s diverse and dynamic emerging filmmakers, we offer development support for shortlisted projects, as well as production and distribution support to the eventual greenlit films. People with good ideas should be encouraged to apply regardless of their creative backgrounds. A wide net will be cast to find new writers, producers and directors with a clear sense of visual storytelling and an original voice.

The purpose of Short Shots is to stimulate a truly independent and unique approach to creative filmmaking. Through this scheme, Filmbase and RTÉ are looking for ambitious films and authentic stories that will excite and resonate with audiences.

The culmination of the programme will be the opportunity of producing a short film with a production budget of €10,000 in a stimulative and supportive environment.

The Short Shots Programme

    This scheme will cast a net looking for filmmakers with exciting ideas for film, television and media projects. We are searching for those who have ambitious films and honest stories that will excite and engage their audiences. Ideas should be tailor-made for the short film format, but demonstrate the fundamentals of good storytelling.

    The goal of this project is to open the door to new and emerging Irish film talent. Development seminars, workshops, networking sessions and mentoring will be provided to assist aspiring filmmakers, ensuring that their ideas are film-suitable while making the most of their existing creative skills. This will nurture the fresh perspective they may bring to the filmmaking process.

    The programme will include a number of formal and informal networking events added for the specific purposes of allowing filmmakers to meet each other and to form creative partnerships. It is hoped that the scheme will cultivate new project teams who will collaborate together to develop the strongest possible projects.

    The basic shape of the development programme will take the following form, although it is important to maintain a flexible approach when applying this in order to encourage organic developments from the participants.

Initial Application

    Applications to participate will be accepted from Writers, Producers and Directors in those defined roles. Applicants may only apply in one category of role as the intention is to have project teams form from within the shortlisted applicants.

    The first application will require the applicant’s contact details, CV, biography and Filmbase membership number. Writers will apply with a biography and a short one-page outline for a film project. Producers and directors must apply with a showreels/samples of previous work. Directors will need to ensure that they provide at least one full sample scene that shows their ability to work with actors.

    NB: We ask this is to ensure you are prepared and able to present a body of work to your peers for the networking sessions. Each applicant is solely responsible for pitching their project/themselves to their peers at the networking sessions. Filmbase and RTÉ will not select teams this will be completely up to each individual to find a team of people to work with.


    You can find the first application form below:




    Later applicants will apply as a team. Each category will be shortlisted to 25 participants to proceed through to the story development phase of the scheme.

    Stage 1 – Story and Film Development Workshops

    This initial phase of the programme will be about stimulating ideas, challenging preconceptions and preparing participants to submit projects for development and mentoring. Workshop panels will be designed to both inform participants about the possibilities available to them as storytellers, and to motivate them to create and develop compelling and original projects. They should offer examples of how to work within the genre of the short film format, and how to engage with audiences for the completed films. Opportunities for networking between participants will be encouraged and facilitated as part of this phase of the programme. Following the initial stage of workshops, participants will be invited to apply for the second phase of the programme. Applications for phase two of the programme will include a full script, but will need to come from creative teams made up of a writer, a producer and a director. Applications without a full team in place will not be accepted.

    Stage 2 – Script and Project Development Workshops

    We will allow approximately 12 – 15 projects through to the second phase of development. Each project will be given individual time with a script editor to develop their project ideas. The shortlisted group will also be given time with Development Executives from RTÉ, Filmbase and short film distributors to outline the importance of good storytelling, realistic project development within the budgets available and the market for short films once completed, both domestic and international. By the end of the process the project teams should have completed an intense, but rounded, series of workshops covering all major aspects of the film creation process, ones in which the emphasis is on storytelling and reaching audiences.

    Following this phase, the programme teams will be invited to apply for the production finance phase of the programme.

    In order to apply, teams will need to supply a full shooting script and production package.

    Stage 3 – Final Selection and Production

    The applications will be shortlisted to a final 8 – 10, who will be brought through to interview stage. From these, 4 films will be selected for production. Each film will receive a combination of production funding, equipment facilities and a production mentor.

    Films will need to be completed within a tight deadline from selection, with the goal of securing a platform screening for the films at the Cork Film Festival.



    Please note this schedule may be subject to change. It is just a guide.

    5PM Thurs Feb 16th 2017 Deadline for Application to Participate

    Thurs 23rd Feb 2017 Applicants Invited to attend workshops

    Sat 4th March All applicants invited to attend the Initial Story Development Workshops

    Please note that it is not compulsory for applicants to attend networking events they are simply in place to give filmmakers a chance to meet and discuss potential projects.

    Applicants may choose either 13th or 15th March but can not attend both evenings in the same week. This is due to capacity.

    Mon 13th March Informal Networking Event Location: Filmbase Time: 7.00pm – 9.30pm

    Wed 15th March Informal Networking Event Time Location: Filmbase Time: 7.00pm – 9.30pm

    Applicants may choose either 20th or 22th March but can not attend both evenings in the same week. This is due to capacity.

    Mon 20th March Informal Networking Event Location: Filmbase Time: 7.00pm – 9.30pm

    Wed 22nd March Informal Networking Event Time Location: Filmbase Time: 7.00pm – 9.30pm

    Thurs 6th April Deadline for Application to Phase 2

    Sat 15th & Sun 16th April Script/Pitch/Project Development Workshops with David Pope

    Thurs 20th April 2017 Pitching Producers

    Thurs 4th May 2017 Deadline for Application to Phase 3 (target 20 project teams)

    Sat 20th May & Sun 21st May 2017 Script Workshops

    Thurs 25th May Final Project Submissions

    Thurs 1st June 2017 Final Shortlist (Ten Projects)

    Tues 13th June 2017 Short Shots Interviews

    Summer 2017 Supervised Production & Post Production

    Please note this schedule may be subject to change. *If you do not receive an acknowledgement email by the date noted above please contact Filmbase immediately to ensure we have received your application.

Application Forms & Links


    You can find the first application form below:





    Filmbase / RTÉ Short Shots

    NB Please read the following terms & conditions carefully.

    • Initial applications will only be accepted from individuals. Applicants may only apply in one area, either as a Writer, Director or Producer.

    • For the second phase of the scheme. Applications will only be accepted from teams. Story proposals will only be accepted from teams initially comprising one Writer and one Director.

    • Proposals submitted from sole applicants will not be accepted under any circumstances.

    Story proposals must be supplied in the form requested. Full scripts will not be accepted. Proposals exceeding the prescribed word limits may result in proposals being excluded from consideration.

    Late applications will not be accepted. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

    Shortlisted projects will be required to attach a Producer from the Short Shots shortlisted applicants in order to proceed to final interview and assessment. Projects which are unsuccessful in attaching a producer will be unable to proceed to the final shortlist stage. Shortlisted projects with get a list of shortlisted producers to contact.

    • Proposals submitted must be (a) wholly original to the applicant team, or, (b) have a clear and unencumbered assignment of rights to the applicant if based on an existing work (eg. Play, short story, book).

    • Initial Applications should contain the following elements only:

    – Title of Project – Names of Applicants – Short Synopsis of story (max 160 words) – Detailed Story Outline (max 1,200 words) – Full CVs of Writer and Director

    Please ensure that Your Title, Short Synopsis, Detailed Story Outline and Names of Applicants are combined together into one (1) single completed document.

    Submissions should be sent in Microsoft Word or PDF format only.

    Additional materials (eg budgets, production notes etc) should NOT be submitted at this time. (NB up to two pages (A4) of art work may be submitted for animation applications only).

    • All applicants for the Short Shots award must be fully paid up members of Filmbase as of the deadline date. Visit our membership page for more information.

    Project shortlisting is on a competitive basis. At the discretion of the selection panel a maximum of 20 projects will be selected from the validly received proposals to progress for further development under the scheme. The decisions of the shortlisting panel are final. It will not be possible to provide feedback to unsuccessful projects.

    • Canvassing support from Filmbase and/or RTE will immediately disqualify applications

    • Unsuccessful applicants will be eligible to re-submit to future Filmbase short film schemes.

    • Projects must be capable of being shot and completed for premiere at the Cork Film Festival, November 2016 under the resources available from the scheme (up to €10,000 in cash, with matching support in equipment and editing facilities from Filmbase).

    • All applicants must confirm their acceptance of these terms of conditions before their applications will be accepted and processed.