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‘Stopping by the Woods’ Launch and Exhibition

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7th – 19th October 2014

Between 7th – 19th October Filmbase will be hosting an exhibition celebrating the launch of the new Irish graphic novel by Paul Kennedy and Stephen Kane, Stopping by the Woods.

Set in modern day Dublin, the graphic novel takes a dark and often humorous look at the life of one member of a criminal underclass.

The exhibition will display a selection of the original ink artwork by illustrator Stephen Kane and will take place in the exhibition space of the Filmbase building on Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin. The launch of both the novel and the exhibition, also at Filmbase, is open to the public and will take place on Tuesday, 7th October at 6pm.

Representing five years of work, the graphic novel is the first collaboration between award winning director/playwright, Paul Kennedy, and Dublin-based illustrator, Stephen Kane.

For more information visit the graphic novel’s Facebook page, or email Click the box below for an exclusive preview of the graphic novel.


Set in the underbelly of Dublin among the criminal fraternity, a vicious assault on a disabled person leads to a chain of uncontrollable events.

A young man struggles to escape from the reality of the crime he has committed. Sometimes delusional and sometimes insightful, Gavin tries to reach out beyond himself towards redemption. What can he do to erase the crime he has perpetrated?

A dark tale, full of humour, obsession, impending catastrophe and a broken attempt to come to terms with the true self.