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‘The Studio’ by JTB

jtb art

29th September – 1st October 2014

Filmbase are pleased to welcome Dublin based artist JTB to present a new show, ‘The Studio’.

The show will consist of a three day long performance piece resulting in an exhibition of work created on site by the artist and public participants. The performance aims to communicate a message promoting personal empowerment in overcoming mental health difficulties. The resulting body of work will be auctioned off to benefit Niteline, an anonymous listening service for students.

The Performance piece will consist of a studio where the artist will work from 9 to 9 each day. The public will be able to observe the works in process from the street or from a viewing area in the space. The viewing area will also feature sketches and notes detailing the artist’s journey through her depression and a book into which viewers will be encouraged to write about their own darkest moments. On the final evening the space will be cleared and the work will be hung before an exhibition opens in which the work will be auctioned off in order to raise funds to benefit Niteline.

For more information on the charity Niteline check out and more of JTB’s work can be viewed on