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2 Male & 3 Female Actors Needed


Unpaid Positions

Two male and three female actors are needed for a short film titled ‘Connected’ filming in Dublin two dates between the 30th November and 6th December. 

Connected is the story of an expat returning home with the big news that his girlfriend is pregnant. While Claire has to stay back in Australia Peter decides to surprise the family when he gets home. Using the phone as the medium they want viewers to take the journey through the phone’s screen as if it were their own mobile interface, as if they are Peter using his phone.

Peter: MALE AGE: 28-34 

Peter is an Irish man with a neutral Irish accent in his late twenties to early thirties.

Peter is once again home from living in Australia. He’s been living there for 6 years now. He and his girlfirend are well settled in Australia. Though he misses and loves Ireland, Australia is home to he & his girlfriend now. But this return home for

Christmas is a bit bigger than the usual return home; Claire’s pregnant! As Claire is unable to come to Ireland this year, it’s up to him to share the big news of her pregnancy. Peter’s excited and nervous to tell his family.

Peter is a friendly, fun, practical man, he’s tech savvy and enjoys sharing on social media. As lead storyteller and the phone user he will featured in videos, pictures and voiceover. He will also feature in the final skype call.

Claire: FEMALE AGE: 28-34

Claire is of any ethnicity with a neutral accent in her late twenties to early thirties.

Claire is unfortunately stuck home in Australia. It’s not a big deal, but she would like to have been there for the big reveal. She’s online while Peter is making his way home, replying to messages and snapchats. The pregnancy is being tough on her, morning sickness is making her irritable though she’s excited to share the big news. She knows Peter’s family well, and has met them before.

Claire has a good sense of humour, and though finds Peter’s use of technology sometimes exasperating she’s no slouch when it comes to social media and online communications. As a support character she will feature in pictures sent to Peter, and the final skype phone call.

Thomas: MALE AGE: 50-70 [PETER’S DAD]

Thomas is an Irish man with a neutral Irish accent between 50-70 years of age.

Peter’s dad, Thomas, is excited to see his song home for Christmas. He’s your standard Irish dad, quiet and funny. Thomas is collecting Peter from the airport. His role is a support character who will feature in videos & pics taken by Peter on the way home, voiceover, and the final skype call.


Mary is an Irish woman with a neutral Irish accent between 50-70 years of age.

Mary is excited to see her son home. While she misses Peter, she’s a practical woman who knows that Peter is happy in Australia with his girlfriend Claire. She is a support character in pics at home, voiceover, and the final skype call.

Jennifer: FEMALE AGE: 18-25 [PETER’S SISTER]

Jennifer is an Irish woman with a neutral Irish accent in her late teens or early twenties.

Jennifer is Peter’s excitable younger sister. She misses her brother terribly, but recently went to visit them in Australia, so she knows Claire very well. She’ll be the most vocally excited and hyper with the news. She is a support character in pics at home, voiceover, and the final skype call.

Casting note: Peter and his family will have to be similar in look and accent, if anyone has other people they know who can help build the family that would be a bonus.

If interested, contact Paul at