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Assistant Directing Weekend

213c23dTBC, 1 weekend

€175 Members / €200 Non-Members

Do you have what it takes to manage a set as an AD? This in-depth weekend tackles all the main responsibilities of a First Assistant Director, including how to co-ordinate production activity and supervise the cast and the crew.  Seasoned Assistant Director, Ali Doyle breaks down the role with clear, concise advice and ticks of the trade.


Learn to navigate the intricacies of working as an AD on sets big and small.

As the Director’s right hand, the “First” provides the key link between set and production office, and this weekend provides both the skills to deliver regular progress reports about the shoot as well how to oversee the management of the film’s team of Assistant Directors (Ads) and Production Runners.

Prior to shooting, you as a First AD must create the shooting schedule, and it’s important to work closely with the director and the other production departments, taking into account the needs of budget, cast availability, extras, locations, special equipment, and the needs for scene coverage. You will learn how to keep the film on schedule and “make the day”, ensuring that everything that is planned is shot efficiently.

This course is intended to help you to acquire the knowledge necessary to become an AD, with practical advice on developing the core skills essential to the job.


Course Content:

  • How to break down a script
  • Creating a shooting schedule
  • Organizing set and production office communications
  • Documenting the progress on the film set
  • What Director/Producers expect
  • Anticipating common problems and preparing contingencies
  • Anderstanding rules for the shoot day
  • Avoiding overtime
  • Navigating set etiquette


Lead Tutor: Ali Doyle

Ali Doyle has worked in both Ireland and the US as both an AD and Production Assistant; her recent credits include The Nice Guys (Russel Crowe, Ryan Gosling) and TED 2 (Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane). While working as PA to Producer Nicholas Chartier (The Hurt Locker, Dallas Buyer Club) at Voltage Pictures, Ali helped co-ordinate the company’s projects in development.

In Ireland, Ali has worked as First AD on feature films, including From The Dark and How To Be Happy, along with award-winning short films (The Swing, One Day of Christmas) and also on shows such as Vikings and Irish Pictorial Weekly.


  • TBC, 1 weekend

Class times:

  • Sat 10.30 – 5.00 & Sun 11.00 – 5.30


  • €175 Members / €200 Non-Members
  • €100 Deposit


  • Filmbase, Temple Bar, Curved street


To book your place, contact Filmbase Reception on 01 679 6716 and dial 0. For more information, email our training department at Please read our Terms & Conditions before booking a course.