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Best of the West 2010



Sunday 25th July 2010

Brought to you by Filmbase in association with the Galway Film Fleadh and the Light House Cinema, the Best of the West 2010 was a chance for Dublin audiences to catch the winning short films from the Galway Film Fleadh. The special screening, organised by Filmbase in association with Fleadh and the Light House Cinema, took place at 3pm on Sunday 25th of July at the Light House Cinema in Smithfield.

Originally conceived as a screening by filmmaker Luke McManus in 2008, The Best of the West screening proved to be extremely popular with audiences and filmmakers, providing a showcase for the best short films from the Galway programme. In 2010, Filmbase decided to continue the screenings to give audiences who didn’t make it to Galway an opportunity to see the winning films and celebrate a new wave of Irish filmmaking talent.

This year’s screening included the 11 award-winning shorts from the Fleadh including animation, live action drama and documentary. William Fitzgerald, Shorts Co-ordinator for this year’s Fleadh says “As usual, the Shorts Programme at the Fleadh delivered a well-rounded journey across many different genres and emotions and we were thrilled with how well this year’s winners in particular, were received by the Fleadh audiences. They are certainly deserving of the recognition as the best of new Irish shorts.”

The screening were be followed by a wine reception and an opportunity for the audience to meet with the filmmakers.



Best Animation Award

Mister Heaney – A Wee Portrait (Winner)

Written and directed by David Quin
Produced by David Quin

In a revealing wee portrait, Nobel Prize winning poet Seamus Heaney, speaks about brambles and hairdressing. Brian Cowen, Garrett Fitzgerald, Wayne Rooney and others all add their bit…


The Meaning of Eggsistence (Honorable Mention)

Written and directed by Bruce Ryder
Produced by Stephen Rennicks

When a lonely little man is attacked by a swan and subsequently lays an egg, he’s horrified. But slowly he grows to love the egg. And then it hatches…

Best First Animation Award

Action Evader (Winner)

Written and directed by Pádraig Mannion
Produced by Pádraig Mannion

An 80′s computer game hero throws in the towel after losing his girlfriend but after many years of retirement, he is once again dragged back into the game!


Laurie & the Litterbugs (Honorable Mention)

Written and directed by Leo Crowley
Produced by BCFE

Laurie is a young boy who lives with an unaffectionate mother. One day, he discovers some magical friends in his back garden.


We Are Detectives! (Honorable Mention)

Written and Directed by Bryan Joseph O’Sullivan
Produced by Bryan Joseph O’Sullivan

Rian the human and Pogo the alien run a detective agency in their small town of Oakridge.

Best Short Drama Award

Noreen (Winner)

Written and directed by Domhnall Gleeson
Produced by Juliette Bonass, David Clarke, Ciarán Deeney

Two policemen learn life lessons on a house-call in rural Ireland. Frank is young and heartbroken; Con is middle-aged and weary. They’re both alone. They’re both idiots.


Flatbed (Honorable Mention)

Written and directed by Tom Merilion
Produced by Jonny Speers

The end of a relationship and a 30-tonne articulated lorry hurtling down a deserted motorway at night; Flatbed is not a conventional love story.

Best First Short Drama Award

Hoodie (Winner)

Written and directed by Patrick Finnegan
Produced by Patrick Finnegan

Hoodie is from Belfast. He inhabits two worlds: the middle-class, suburban one he has grown up in, and the anonymous one, both online and offline, which he uses to explore who he is and what he wants. When those two worlds come a little too close for comfort it is clear who he really is: a scared, sad and lonely gay teenager.


The Crush (Honorable Mention)

Written and directed by Michael Creagh
Produced by Damon Quinn

An eight-year-old schoolboy challenges his teacher’s fiancé to a duel. To the death…

Best Short Documentary Award

Bow St. (Winner)

Written and directed by Tadhg O’Sullivan
Produced by Tadhg O’Sullivan

A narrow Dublin street of bustling barristers, bowed street-drinkers, box-ticking tourists, broke or broken seekers of a free lunch. An urban film-portrait that hurries and slows to the criss-crossing paces of a hundred passers-by.


Alibi (Honorable Mention)

Written and directed by Darren Bolger/Caroline Campbell
Produced by Darren Bolger/Caroline Campbell

Alibi is a map of hidden evidence. Alibi is a map of regret. Alibi is a physical map through frozen landscapes where the darkness in human nature is revealed.