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Bodies to Shoot in Kilkenny

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New Short Film starts shooting in September

B Welby-Delimere, who recently won the Royal Televison Society’s southern centre award for short film Untitled Blues, will bring her crew and creative vision to the city of Kilkenny this September to film the dark drama Bodies.

Bodies is about the fracturing co-dependant relationship between two undertakers as they struggle to stay connected to life. Ronan is stuck in the past grieving the loss of his wife whilst Conor feels the mounting pressure to take over the family business.

Their complex friendship is tested as Conor grasps to feel alive whilst surrounded by both the emotional and physical dead. By pushing and challenging his closest friend to engage with life Conor forces Ronan to decide whether to embrace the present or stay stuck in the past.

Bodies was conceived when B began writing a script with Rory Fleck Byrne one of the main actors for Untitled Blues and a rising star in both theatre and film. (His new feature Liongate’s The Quiet Ones premieres April 1st)
“Rory grew up in Kilkenny, as the script evolved so too did the importance of Kilkenny not only in its relation to Rory but as a character itself integral to the mentality of Ronan and Conor”

B has been overwhelmed with the hospitality shown to her by the community of Kilkenny on her many visits to recce locations and meet with owners of local businesses. “It’s a privilege to feel welcomed by the community and them to engage with your ideas and offer to support them”

Currently in pre-production B and producer Jonathan Hudson have been working hard to garner support and funds for the production set to film at the beginning of September. More information and how to contact them can be found here:

W :!contact/c3ju
T: @Bodiesshortfilm