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Brown Bag Films


Acquired by 9 Story Media Group

Brown Bag Films, the award winning animation studio, has announced that it has been acquired by 9 Story Media Group, one of North America’s largest animation studios.

Brown Bag Films will retain its brand, with Cathal Gaffney, founder and CEO, Darragh O’Connell, founder and Creative Director, and the senior management team continuing to lead the company. The company will continue to focus on its international co-productions and commissioned shows, with service work remaining as a key focus for the business. Brown Bag Films also plans to hire an additional 50 staff in the near future as the company looks to reach new markets with its content.

Commenting on the announcement, Cathal Gaffney, co-founder and CEO of Brown Bag Films, said: “This is a coming together of two great companies with a shared love of animation and storytelling that really resonates with kids. I am truly excited about this opportunity that we have worked so hard on and I look forward to continuing to produce the best animated content for children across the globe with 9 Story long into the future. Over the past 21 years, Brown Bag Films has constantly evolved its business model, always keeping quality at the forefront of everything we do. This new chapter is the next logical step for us in our ongoing evolution and will ensure that audiences around the world get to watch more of the great shows they have come to expect from Brown Bag Films.”

“Sometimes you have to jump at an opportunity and 9 Story were always a company that we admired creatively and professionally. By joining forces, they now have 3D animation and we now have distribution. There are so many synergies like this that made this deal a compelling and obvious opportunity that we wanted to take advantage of, but ultimately all of these synergies will see both companies grow and become stronger together. This is great news for everyone in Brown Bag Films and our clients. It’s even better news for everyone who watches our shows, as together with 9 Story we’ll be able to bring more great animation to screens across the world.”