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Shiva Productions accepting play submissions

Following three successful seasons of Angels in the Park in parks and green areas around Dublin, Ireland, London and Paris, Shiva Productions will present a brand new season of five new Irish plays in summer 2016.

These will be performed in outdoor venues in Ireland and abroad, for a variety of events and festivals. They are now officially accepting play submissions!
Plays should be approximately ten-minutes long (guide of 10 pages, well spaced) however, they will accept plays between 6-13 minutes long. For practical reasons they prefer that each play contains no more than 3 characters (ideally two) and plays must be set in a park.
This project is very much reflective of contemporary Irish life, so it must have a modern setting. They aim to reflect a wide variety of situations and characters of
different age ranges and social backgrounds. Audience resonance and originality are key.
The plays they tend to select often feature characters that are strangers, or estranged in some way. They would like a mixture of settings; to date they have featured a lot of park bench scenes, but they would like to mix it up this year, and use other areas typical to parks. This doesn’t mean they don’t want plays set on benches, it is just to encourage those thinking of other settings to pursue these ideas. (Please note that for practical reasons we avoid overly noisy or disruptive settings e.g. playgrounds etc. as we need quiet spaces to stage the performances).
As 2016 is the centenary of the Easter Rising, they would like to include at least one play with 1916 as a theme, or referencing/reflecting on it in some way, whether overtly or subtly. Even with this theme plays they need to be set in the present day.
The above should only be used as a guide. Our most important tip to writers is to be guided by ideas and concepts that inspire and motivate them.
All submissions should be emailed to We ask you to please put the name of the play and the author’s name in the subject bar. This ensures that they read every play submitted. Number of submissions by one writer are not limited. Queries to Aoibhinn at

To read more about the Angels in the Park project visit the Productions page on our website: Watch our Angels highlights from 2014 on YouTube:

Submission Deadline: Wednesday 20th January 2016. They may informally accept play submissions after this date, so please keep in touch and let us know if you plan to submit work after the deadline.