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Camera/Lighting/SFX makeup/ Co-Producer for fantasy feature film.

Crew Call

Hurricane, Devour Me a Fantasy/Black Comedy Feature are currently working on a proof of concept for this feature film or theatre piece based in Dublin. Crew call for Light technicians, DOPs, Co- Producers, SFX artists and more to get involved.

Here is a link to a few tests already filmed as well as a little about the project.


TITLE: Hurricane, Devour Me
GENRE: Fantasy/Black Comedy

SYNOPSIS: Set within a fantasy world, a far right wing beauty pageant host performs a radio show promoting discrimination towards the lower class of species within the fantasy realm. After eating a psychedelic cactus, the host starts hallucinating that all his body parts (from his brain to his genitals) are prank calling his radio show.

It’s The Mighty Boosh meets Samuel Beckett.

Shooting February to March
To apply email