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Castin Call For 3 Actors (unpaid)


Student Short, Griffith College

“I did it for the love” is a 15-17 minute short film about a 14- year old boy, Lyosha, who witnesses the verbal and physical abuse of his mother Nadia by the older brother Kazimir.

As the situation is about to escalate, Lyosha in the fear for his mother’s safety, comes up with a plan to stop Kazimir. This, however, just brings greater tragedy to the family.

 Audition Dates: 06/07/08.01.2016 (other dates can be agreed as well)
Location: Griffith College, Dublin
 Shooting Dates: 28/29.01.2017 and 04/05.01.2017 (all to be confirmed)
Location: Dublin 8
 Unpaid, but lunch will be provided and traveling expenses reimbursed.

 No previous experience required, no Russian language skills required

 Film will be send out to film festivals
If you are interested in any of the roles please E-Mail with a photo of yourself, the role you are interested in and your contact details.
Lyosha (Lead Role)
 Male, 14-20 years old, no previous acting experience required
Lyosha is a 14/15 year old boy, who is living with his mother and his older brother in a small run-down apartment. He is a calm and shy teenager, who is trying to find his place in the world. He is a still a child, however, he tries to be an adult.
Lyosha has witnessed the domestic abuse for a long time now and has experienced some himself, leaving him mentally unstable and frequently experiencing panic attacks.
He is originally from Russia and still has a Russian accent, however he speaks mostly English.
Nadia (Supporting Role)
 Female, 40-55 years old, no previous experience required
Nadia is Lyosha’s and Kazimir’s mother. She is a strong woman, however right now at her breaking point. She doesn’t back down to Kazimir and surprises the audience with her fierceness. She cares great about her family and wants the best for her sons, for which she is willing to work two jobs.
She is originally from Russia and speaks Russian and English. For the shoot you will be asked to speak in a Russian accent and there will be one or two Russian lines in the script, however we will practice the lines and the pronunciation with you.
Kazimir (Supporting Role)
 Male, 22-30 years old, no previous experience required
Kazimir is 26/27 years old and a big and strong man. He has anger issues and loses control often. He is violent and aggressive towards his mother. He is a very troubled character, who has not achieved anything in his life and cannot deal with the frustration of that.
He speaks mostly Russian (actors are not required to be able to speak Russian, we will teach you the lines and the pronunciation)