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Casting Call.

Short film ‘Land of Winter’

Shooting is set to take place between the 19th and 21st of March (you’ll only be needed one of these nights), and auditions will take place next Tuesday the 20th of February in Filmbase.*Unpaid*

Land of Winter

Gender – Male
Playing Age – 30 – 40
Description – Corey has a loud bullish personality, he can’t help but bark over other people and considers himself an alpha male. He also has an incredibly crude sense of humour, and likes to stitch other people up, but underneath it all he isn’t a mean spirited person. Corey makes himself known in the story when he approaches our protagonist, Gabriel, and gives him grief, questioning his masculinity and embarrassing him, before Polly comes along and puts a stop to his mockery.

Homeless Man
Gender – Male
Playing Age – 30 – 45
Description – This homeless man just needs 80 cents to get into a hostel, though no one will hear him out. He insists he isn’t a junkie, and approaches our characters multiple times in the story.

Ropey Busker
Gender – Male
Playing Age – 40 – 55
Description – This busker is only trying to make ends meet – when his earnings are threatened toward the end of the night he is absolutely outraged and puts offender firmly in their place in an amusing scene. Long hair is favoured.

Drunk Old Man
Gender – Male
Playing Age – 60 – 80
Description – Our characters find this old man in a terrible state – stupendously drunk and slumped against a beam half asleep. It is hard to tell if he has been drinking solidly for the past several hours or several years. When he sees Gabriel he sees himself when he was younger and failingly tries to recite a verse from Yeats in order to warm him before slumping back into his place.

Other Characters:

Bartender 1 – Serves Gabriel in the first bar, has a couple of lines of dialogue.

Bartender 2 – Serves Gabriel and Polly in the second bar, also has a couple of lines of dialogue.

Thieving Man – Tries to steal the Buskers earning, is put firmly in his place.

Crying Woman – Mysterious woman who walks past the characters in tears, they wonder if she’s okay.

Kissing Couple – A Couple who Gabriel walks past on his way to the first bar, have probably got together that night.


Corey’s Drunken Friends
Age range – 25 – 40
Gender – Any
Description – This drunken group of workmates seem to have taken over the bar when Gabriel first arrives. Although the group are very much in the background of the action, I want to create a secondary scene with them as they are very much effecting the actions of the main characters and the trajectory of the story. Will be a lot of fun, chanting, singing, even dancing. Need a mix of male and female.

Street Extras
Age Range – Any
Any Gender – Any
Description – Anyone welcome here to be a background artist in the bars or loitering the streets, and people on way to work early morning.

Please email if interested in auditioning for any of the following parts: