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Casting call for a short film “MAX”


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The story focuses on Emily, a young woman who loses her best friend Max in a tragic accident. In the aftermath of his death, Emily becomes depressed. This depression and her feelings of guilt and grief manifest into a psychosis in which she believes that Max is alive, well and spending time with her.

Max’s friend James is a source of conflict; he unknowingly challenges this fantasy of Max that she has created. As Emily begins to lose her grip on Max, we see him begin to deteriorate; returning to the state he was in when he died. Emily breaks down and is ultimately sent further over the edge.

Female Actress Age 20-30

Character: Emily is a sweet and friendly person. She likes to have fun and enjoy herself but finds it difficult to as she is a much more reserved and quiet person than Max was. Max was always the one to push her to try new things and to make the most out of life. When he died, Emily lost the most important person in her life who she depended on a lot. Following his death, she went into a deep depression. She stayed home, isolating herself from the rest of the world. This isolation along with her grief and guilt over his death manifested into a psychosis. The psychosis created a fantasy in which Max is alive in order to protect her from the guilt she feels and from the reality that he is dead. To the outside world she appears as if nothing has happened. She becomes confused when people act concerned about her as this challenges the fantasy that she is striving to protect. Even when the fantasy begins to crumble and Max deteriorates in front of her, she still cannot accept it and has a breakdown, sending her further into her psychosis.

Male Actor Age 20-30

Character: Max was an extremely loveable and easy-going guy. He was an optimistic person who liked to goof around and have fun. Between him and Emily, Max was the instigator of the two. Max was Emily’s best friend who was killed in an accident at the beginning of the story. He exists in the film as Emily’s hallucination. As time goes on and Emily loses her grip on this hallucination, it causes Max to become less responsive and less present, i.e. embodying a dead person. In this way Max progresses from being the happy, loveable guy he was in life, to the unresponsive and lifeless person he is in death.

Male Actor 20-30

Character: James was a good friend of Max’s. Similar to his friend, he is a very optimistic, fun-loving person but has more of a “take charge” approach to life. He is a very loyal friend and so Max’s death was a harsh blow. Following Max’s death, James tries to turn to the one person who he thinks will understand; Emily. In James’s head, both he and Emily are going through the same ordeal and should be able to help each other through it. James does not realise however, that Emily is in a deep state of psychosis; denying Max is dead. He does not understand why Emily will not talk to him, does not understand how she can act as if nothing happened. He becomes angrier and angrier each time she ignores him and pushes him away. He is the factor that constantly challenges Emily’s hallucinations throughout the story, causing them to begin to crumble.

• Shoot Dates: March 2016 (exact dates TBD) / Location: Howth, Co.Dublin
• Auditions: Thursday 11th & Friday 12th February, 2016 – DCU, Glasnevin.
• Unpaid position.
• No previous acting experience required.

please email Marc at or phone 087260991