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Casting an IADT Graduate Film titled, “I Am Not A Monster”.

Shooting the week of the 19th of February 2018.

The film follows a young man as his psychosis rapidly deteriorates as the presence of a demonic growth on the back of his head threatens to ruin his brother’s engagement.

last casting session for the role of MRS MORDRAKE.

A glamorous woman who has lived a lavished lifestyle for her entire life, Mrs Mordrake is obsessed with appearances. She is old enough to have two grown up children. She favours Matthew over Ambrose and has made it abundantly clear for the boys’ entire lives. She fails to accept or understand Ambrose’s illness and rather than try to she sent him away once he was old enough. She wants what she perceives as the ideal life, but nothing has ever gone according to plan.

Casting session held at the National Film School.
Please email for an audition slot: