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Casting Call: IADT graduation film “Skin”

Shauna an audacious teenage girl living on the North Side of Dublin. Who is forced to come to terms with the fact that she is pregnant. Lost and confused she is unsure of what decision she should make. Most of her time is split between caring for her ill mother Eileen, going to school and working in the local pub.

Role; Shauna

16 year old girl, whose life has been turned upside down, by an unplanned pregnancy. Shauna has to figure out if she is going to keep it or not, while also having to deal with caring for her sick mother, holding down a minimum wage job in the local pub. Being an outspoken girl, the stress of all these dilemmas amalgamates to Shauna’s frustration and desperation, culminating with her brass decisions, creates even more havoc in her life.Leaving her with no options but to steal from her sick mother
Females, aged 18 to 23 from Dublin Region, Ireland

Role; Eileen

A 40 year old single mother, who want’s the best for Shauna but can’t give it to her, and instead is stuck between the four walls of her home, confined to her living room by a debilitating illness. The only excitement in her life being day time tv and a pack of John Player Blue. Eileen tries her best to keep up appearances by dolling herself up, to try to mask the illness that has impaired her life. Eileen’s mother intuition rings true when she notices Shauna’s not herself and comes through
Females, aged 33 to 50 from Dublin Region, Ireland


Shauna’s best friend and spends most of her time working in the local pub and in her spare time chasing boys and selling drugs. Katie also grew up in the same estate as Shauna, being childhood friends Katie was the more adventurous and fearless of the two. This only intensified as she grew older, becoming addicted to the adrenaline of sells drugs and making money. Katie feels as if she’s a somebody now, even if she’s only selling drugs out of her little terrace house in the heart of Cabra
Females, aged 18 to 26 from Dublin Region, Ireland


The proud manager of Gravediggers pub, who has been doing the job for two years and runs the place with an iron fist, over seeing every little thing that goes on. She despises lateness, tardiness and has it out for Shauna who she thinks embodies all of these attributes. Carla’s life didn’t go to plan, with little social life and professional prospects gone down the drain, she takes out her frustration on the poor employees of Gravediggers pub.
Females, aged 18 to 34 from Dublin Region, Ireland


Brandon is a 20 year old local Cabra lad. Brandon was raised by the streets, spending most of his time selling pills bought from Katie. Brandon buys drugs off Katie with the intention of potentially getting with Shauna, even if Katie’s prices are a little high. Brandon tries to mask himself as a tough funnyman lad around his mates, but his caring personality escapes when he see’s his friends, that are like family to him, fall on hard times.

Any gender, aged 18 to 26 from Dublin Region, Ireland

Student graduation film: Unpaid positions but expenses and transport costs are covered. Actors will also receive a copy of the film for their showreel.

shooting is 29th of Jan to the 2nd of February

If interested please apply with a c.v and showreel to
Auditions are suited to arrange the actors applying and are taking place over early jan and throughout December