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CASTING CALL; Short Fantasy Film

IADT Graduate Film titled, “JASS”, shooting the week of the 26th of February.


Animals are being hunted out and killed by humans who fear they are becoming too intelligent and now pose a threat to mankind. Huebert, using the guise of an “ANIMALS OUT” officer, smuggles animals to safety. Huebert puts his life in danger when he finds a small fox cub, Jass, who is in need of rescuing.

Casting for the roles of:


Lead Role

Male. Late 20’s – Late 50’s, Caucasian , Slender Build.

Huebert, is brave in the face of danger and is willing to do whatever necessary to fight the evil “Animals Out” Task force that is rising to power in a world where animals are being portrayed as the enemy.


Supporting Role

Male. 30’s – late 50’s, Caucasian.

Dan is a cruel, evil man. Having developed a blood lust for animals, he is an avid supporter of the “Animals Out” task force. Dan would stop at nothing to bring about the extinction of all wild animals on earth.


Supporting Role

Male. Late 30’s – 70’s.

A cautious man, Beran is strong in the face of adversity and willing to do all he can to fight against the evil powers that be.

Please email your CV and headshot to to apply.