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Aaton XTR 16mm / S16mm


Rental Includes:

– Zeiss 12-120mm distagon
– Zeiss 9.5, 12, 16, 25mm primes
– Colour Video Assist & monitor
– 3 x 400ft magazines

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Steadicam Flyer Professional

Equipment_Grip_SteadicamFlyer (278x185)

Rental Includes:

– Professional camera stabilisation system

Further Info:

– Filmbase offers training in the use and application of Steadicam through the Tiffen Europe Steadicam Workshop, click HERE for more details

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DSLR and Blackmagic Accessories

Equipment_Misc_Superspeeds (278x185)

Range of Accessories Available Including:

– Redrock eyeSpy Deluxe Shoulder Mount incl. Follow Focus
– Zacuto z-Finder Pro 3x magnifying viewfinder eyepiece
– Kessler “Philip Bloom” Pocket Dolly
– Edelkrone Slider Plus XL
– Edelkrone Pocket Rig incl.Follow Focus
– PL lens mount and Zeiss S16mm primes & zoom ( Blackmagic only)
– Metabones Speedbooster and Samyang VDSLR primes
– Small HD EVF & monitor

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Camera Accessories

Equipment_Cam_SonyZ1_2 (278x185)

Range of Accessories Available Including:

– Voltas 4×4 Matte Box with support bars
– Selection of 4×4 Tiffen filters available on request: ND.3, ND.6, ND.9, ND Grad .3, ND Grad .6, ND Grad .9, POLA, 1/4 & 1/8 Black Pro Mist.

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