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Short Film – After ’68



TITLE: After ’68

Funded by: Filmbase/ RTÉ Short Film Award scheme

Director: Stephen Burke
Writer: Stephen Burke
Producer: John McDonnell

Running Time: 26 mins
Year: 1994
Language: English
Format: 16 mm Colour

Key Cast: Deirdre Molloy
DOP: Donal Gilligan


Frieda, a teenager from Derry City just wants to lead a normal life with her mother, but it’s 1968 and the Civil Rights movement in Northern Ireland is beginning to take shape and violent conflict is just around the corner

More Information

-Grand Prix, Huesca, Spain 1994
-Best Fiction, Villa do Conde, Portugal 1994
-Main Prize, Oberhausen, Germany 1994
-Federation of Italian Film Societies Award, Montecatini-Terme, Italy 1994
-Distinction, Montreal Short Film Festival 1994
-Honourable Mention, Clermont Ferrand 1994
-Certificate of Merit, Chicago Film Festival 1994

-Bombay Film Festival
-San Fransisco Film Festival

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Short Film – 10 Minute Movie



TITLE: 10 Minute Movie

Funded by: Filmbase/ RTÉ Short Film Award scheme

Director: Imogen Murphy
Writer: Robin Hill
Producer: Kit Hawkins
Production Company: Whitehouse Pictures

Running Time: 10 mins
Year: 2004
Language: English
Format: DigiBeta

Key Cast: Jimi Mistry, Alexandra Staden, John Simm
DOP: Shane Daly


Rob is usually an extra, a guy in the background. But now he’s ben given ten minutes to be the star in his own (PG) movie. His ultimate goal is to bed the pretty girl, but he has to wrangle with character motivation and abortive subplot attempts before getting close.

More Information:

-Winner, Special Jury Award Huston WorldFest 2005
-Shortlisted, Jameson/Kodak Short Film Award, Belfast Film Festival 2005
-Winner, RTE/FilmBase Shorts Award 2004
-Nominated, Ascent Media Short Film Award Soho Rushes Film Festival 2004
-Nominated, Diversions Stella Artois Short Film Awards 2004

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Short Film – 7th Heaven


TITLE: 7th Heaven

Funded by:  Filmbase/ RTÉ Short Film Award scheme

Director:  Shimmy Marcus
Writer:  Shimmy Marcus
Producer:  Shimmy Marcus, Louis Marcus
Production Company:  Quick Pick Productions

Running Time:  9 mins
Year:  1999
Language:  English
Format:  16mm Colour

Key Cast:  Mick Nolan
DOP:  Robbie Ryan


7th Heaven is a quirky little tale that tells the sad yet comic story of Patrick Devit who returns home to watch the National Lottery Draw. He has the first five numbers drawn out when fate intervenes and the electricity in his flat cuts out. We follow him on his madcap adventure to see if he has won or not.

More Information:

-Best Short Film, New York Film Fleadh
-Runner-up Best British Short, Kino Festival
-Runner-up Best Short Film, Manhattan Short Film Festival

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Short Film – Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom



TITLE: Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom

Funded by:  Filmbase/TG4 Lasair Scheme

Director:  Daniel O’Hara
Writer:  Daniel O’Hara
Producer:  Grainne O’Carroll
Production Company:  Dough Productions

Running Time:  13 mins 20 secs
Year:  2003
Language:  Irish (with English subtitles)
Format:  Shot on DVCam

Key Cast:  Daniel Wu, Frank Kelly
DOP:  Fergal O’Hanlon


Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom (My Name Is Yu Ming) is the story of a young Chinese man, who is disillusioned with his dead-end job at a supermarket. A spin of the globe leads him to choose Ireland as the destination for his new life and further research informs him that the official language of that country is Gaelic. Arriving in Dublin speaking the language, he is puzzled when nobody can understand him.

More Information:

Yu Ming is Ainm Dom was released in Irish cinemas in October 2003 with Jim Sheridan’s ‘In America’, was shortlisted for an Academy Award and has won a total of eighteen awards at film festivals in Ireland and around the globe, including:

Best Irish Short & Best First Short – Galway Film Fleadh 2003
Best Comedy – Aspen Shortsfest 2004
Best Young Director – Broadcast/BBC Young Talent Awards 2004
Best Irish Language Production – IFTAs 2004

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