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Jimmy Murakami: Non Alien

RA 8

The world reknowned animator Jimmy Murakami (When the Wind Blows, The Snowman) was 8 years old when Japan attacked Pearl Harbour during World War Two. Like many other Japanese-American citizens, the Murakami family was evacuated to a concentration camp called Tule Lake in the California desert.

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The Beholder

RA 5

The making of a portrait is an intimate experience, one which can be a pleasurable event for both parties or one that’s fraught with difficulties either way, to paint someone’s picture is a unique way of really getting under their skin.

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The Door Ajar

RA 7

On August 14th 1937 the French poet and theatre director, Antonin Artaud, arrived in Cobh in County Cork, bringing with him a stick which he believed St. Patrick owned. His intention was to return the staff to its rightful owners and, with their help, to rediscover some fundamental truths.

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Build Something Modern

RA 4

Build Something Modern tells the story of a hidden canon of Irish architecture; groundbreaking young architects who pushed the boundaries of Irish design, with surprisingly little recognition at home. From the 1950’s to the 1970’s adventurous architects, including Seán Rothery, Richard Hurley and Gerald Fay, eager to be among the first Irish modernists, travelled to Africa for excitement and creative freedom.

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Tim Robinson Connemara

RA 3

Quite simply one of the most beautiful Irish films ever made, Pat Collin’s masterful film of the work of cartographer Tim Robinson is one of the highlights of the festival.

Robinson, who has been extensively mapping and studying Connemara for the last thirty years, has reached international recognition through publications such as Listening to the Wind, The Last Pool of Darkness and his forthcoming A Little Gaelic Kingdom.

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Dreamtime Revisited

RA 6

A ‘walkabout in dreamtime Ireland’ inspired by the works of writer, poet and philosopher John Moriarty, Dreamtime, Revisited weaves together contemporary and archive material as well as featuring excerpts from some of Moriarty’s key talks.

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