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Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival


Submissions time for Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival

Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival are now accepting entries for their 2017 Competitions, of which one is for the Chaplins of the Future Award.

This award is open to any film within our two main categories, Comedy and Social Commentary (drama or documentary), made during the time the film makers were in full time education. The category is open to anyone over the age of 14.

Charlie Chaplin and his contemporaries were adventurers in the uncharted territory of film making, the founding fathers of the first truly worldwide cultural revolution ever seen, the coming of film. In those first few decades they established the technology, the skills, and the art of cinema. Now much of the technology of film making is being radically overhauled by CGI and the internet. In our competitions we expect to see films across the whole range of technique and capture system. But mainly, we look for strong scripts, make us laugh if it’s comedy, make us think if it’s social commentary.

This year we have decided to take advantage of the availability of Festival Competition websites that organise and administer the process of submission, selection and final download of HD files and accompanying PR material. The websites explain the process of submission very well.

As you will see, competition entry ends on June 1st. 2017, and shortlisted entrants will be notified by the end of that month. You will find all this and the list websites listed on our website here

The Awards will be presented on Sunday the 27th August, 2017.