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City Spectacular present some Damn Fine Prints

damn fine prints

7th – 17th July 2014

Damn Fine Print have teamed up with five of the city’s grand masters of Illustration to bring you a Screenprint spectacular as part of the Laya Healthcare’s City Spectacular festival. Showcased here at the Filmbase exhibition space, the collection will be shown alongside the world’s best street performers, concerts, family picnics and artisan food events.

Collaborating with the talented Steve Simpson, Chris Judge, Peter Donnelly, M&E and Annie Atkins the print crew have hand-printed 5 limited edition spectacular artworks celebrating Dublin city in a kaleidoscope of coloured ink. The vibrant prints will be on display at Filmbase for the duration of the City Spectacular festival along with a photographic exhibition documenting its creation.


About City Spectacular

Slap bang in the middle of the summer, both Dublin’s Merrion Square and Cork’s Fitzgerald Park have been home to the biggest street performance competition in the world. This year, alongside the world’s best street performers, the festival is expanding throughout the city to include concerts, family picnics, artisan food events and outdoor screenings, inviting hundreds of thousands of people to enjoy the best of what these famous cities have to offer.

This first-of-its-kind festival is a true collaboration with those at the heart of these cities, which includes City Councils, local businesses, Irish arts organizations as well as internationally renowned performance artists coming together in a city celebration highlighting those that make our cities spectacular.


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