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Ciudad Furor – Urban Space Festival

ciudad furor

7th – 11th November, 2014

Ciudad Furor is a Festival focusing on Urban Space. It is co-organised by the Latin America Solidarity Centre, Filmbase, CinemaAttic, and funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

It consists of screenings from Latin America and Spain, seminars, workshops and roundtables organised in cooperation with local partners.

The aim is to reflect on the urban fabric of cities in Ireland and Latin America and to explore local grassroots initiatives which reconfigure public spaces for cultural, economic or social use.

“Most large urban areas in Latin America and Spain are constantly being renewed as an expression of the resilience of their communities, who modify their environment to reflect the different realities of the city.

“The drivers of these transformations are local communities and their needs. The films show how cities can become a blank page in which citizens can give expression to their identities.

“The characters of the stories adapt their environment to their needs, generating ways of life where the spirit of community and creativity try to make up for the lack of resources”.

All the activities are Free. First-come first-served.


*If you want to make sure you get a place, you can support our Crowdfunding Campaign.

*Booking is essential in the case of the Workshop, as there are limited places available.


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