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Panel: Crowd Funding – What’s it all about?

Fund It

Fund It

6.30pm, Tuesday 25th September 2012

Filmbase hosted an evening panel session all about Crowd Funding in September 2012 in their city centre venue. Taking part in the session was Martin McNicholl, of Fund it, as well as filmmakers Sinead Ní Bhroin, from Still Films, and Niall Queenan and Kevin de la Isla O’Neill, the team behind recent Fund it project, The Hit Producer.

As budgets are pinched and funding becomes more and more competitive, crowd funding has emerged in recent years as the new alternative to traditional routes of funding. Sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have emerged in the US and, closer to home, Fund it has helped Irish creatives raise over one million euro in funding. This session looked at crowd funding specifically for film projects including how it works, the pitfalls, benefits and a whole lot more. Joining us on the night, we were delighted to have Martin McNicholl, of Fund it, and filmmakers Sinead Ní Bhroin, Kevin de la Isla O’Neill and Niall Queenan. Our panel brought their experiences of crowd funding to the table, offering facts and figures as well as an insight into how much work a crowd funding project actually entails. Audience members were encouraged to ask questions throughout the night so this session was perfect for anyone thinking about crowd funding their film!

The evening kicked off with an introduction to Fund it by Martin McNicholl, who created the site with Business to Arts just over a year ago and has seen it develop from its infancy to hosting 400 projects across a range of creative topics including film, theatre, music, technology, visual arts and more. Martin let us in on all the nitty gritty details, such as the number of film projects submitted to the site, the number of successful and unsuccessful projects and more. He offered his expert advice on how to package your project and sell it to the masses, as well as showcasing a selection of successful videos from various Fund it campaigns. Rewards are a huge part of the crowd funding process so Martin was there to talk about which rewards work and which don’t.

Sinead, Kevin and Niall will gave us the filmmaker’s perspective on crowd funding. Sinead has worked on a number of crowd funding campaigns for Four Still Films’ productions. We talked to her about her experiences using a variety of crowd funding websites (Fund it, Kickstarter and Buzzbnk) and what she learnt from these experiences. Kevin de la Isla O’Neill and Niall Queenan are the team behind the feature project The Hit Producer that recently hit its target of €20,000 on Fund it. Fresh from their experience of managing a crowd funding campaign of that scale, they will be shared their experience of the process, from planning to execution, and gave us an insight into what’s required to get your project over the finish line.

A selection of crowd funding sites:

Still Films’ Where Were You:

The Hit Producer:—feature-film