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Double Bill Of Underground Noir


Screening at Fimbase

Thursday 29th January 2015 will see Noirish Project featured as part of a double bill with the arthouse hitman picture, Mutual Admiration Society here in Filmbase.



Noirish Project (73 mins, UK, 2014)
“Shot in black and white, Noirish Project is a bleak, absurd, melancholy slice of neo-realism masquerading as film noir. The film follows Jimmy and Billy, a couple of lowlifes, as they try to reclaim some lost pearls. Noirish Project is an elliptical, poetic film, made in response to a boredom with prevailing film aesthetics, it seeks to open a new chapter in British cinema. Written & directed by James Devereaux.”

Mutual Admiration Society (62 mins, UK & Ireland, 2014)

“Surreal and mysterious, in equal parts absurd and intense, Mutual Admiration Society is part of the noted multi-film collaboration between actor James Devereaux and experimental filmmaker Rouzbeh Rashidi. Based entirely around a silent, tour-de-force one-man performance by Devereaux as a man who appears to be haunting and threatening himself, Mutual Admiration Society uses startling visual techniques and editing rhythms to create a claustrophobic hall of mirrors with Devereaux’s tormented protagonist at its centre.”


The event will take place in Filmbase, Curved Street, at 7:30pm. The filmmakers will be present for a Q & A session on the night.


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