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Filmbase 25: DSLR Tips & Tricks


Canon 5D

12pm, Saturday 25th June 2011

For those interested in the technical side of things, we hosted an hour long tips and tricks session for using the Canon DSLR camera. One of the latest trends in filmmaking has seen huge demand in the use of the DSLR for filmmaking. Used in everything from commercials and short films to music videos and even big budget US TV shows, the Canon DSLR has revolutionised the way filmmakers approach shooting on a budget. Filmmaker Aidan Maguire (Needle Exchange) was on hand to talk through some tips and tricks to bear in mind when using the Canon EOS 5d. Our own Richie O’Keeffe from the Equipment Department was also available to give advice on the equipment and filmmaking facilities available here at Filmbase.