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Faroese Tales Production Camp


An immersive film production camp on the Faroe Islands for documentary enthusiasts

Are you a director, producer or editor under 30 and interested in making a documentary on the Faroe Islands this summer? Faroese Tales is a film production camp for 6 directors, 3 editors and 8 producers from the Faroe Islands, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, and Ireland, which takes place from 8th to 30th July 2015.

The purpose is to create Faroese stories told by Northern European filmmakers in cooperation with Faroese producers and directors. The goal is to make 6 documentaries that will continue living at film festivals, social media, TV and special screenings in the participating countries.

As inspiration for the film productions produced during the camp the program will include film education through the courses by Arne Bro, as well as lectures on Faroese history, culture, crises, traditions, politics etc. In addition, there will be workshops, filmmaker speed-dating, and pitching events. The participants will then independently organize and carry out film productions on the Islands during the camp.

It is free to participate and the costs of transportation, food, and accommodation will be covered during the entire stay and equipment will be provided. The camp runs during the same time as G!Festival, where filmmakers can participate.

Directors will participate from 8th of July to 30th of July.
Producers will participate from 8th of July to 22nd of July.
Editors will participate from 15th of July to 30th of July.


All participants must be under 30 years old.

Directing applicants must have directed at least two documentaries previously.


DEADLINE: 15th of May.