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Monged and Chasing Your Ghost being filmed now!

The current masters students all focused on achieving the goal of creating two engaging, crowd-pleasing and entertaining feature films as part of our programme. Over the coming months we will need to prep, shoot, edit and finish these films to professional standards ready for film festivals and international distribution.

Monged is a contemporary drama that deals with love, sex and drugs. Dave is a small-time drug dealer pushing a brand new drug; Ray is a selling out his musical ambitions for a comfortable slot on the radio; while virgin Bernard just happens to turn up at the wrong house party. Based on the award-winning play by Gary Duggan (Amber, Shibiri) and written by Gary Duggan and Barry Dignam with support from the Irish Film Board Monged is a rollercoaster of a Dublin weekend.

Chasing Your Ghost is the story of Ardi, the front-woman in a struggling rock band with a diehard belief that her music will change the world. After meeting a magical mentor she inadvertently wishes an iconic album out of existence. As she struggles with her music, band and new love, her supernatural mentor proves to be a darker force that she realised. Written by award-winning filmmaker Viko Nikci (Coming Home), Chasing Your Ghost is a rock story with edge and attitude.

Both these films are being made as part of the Filmbase MSc Digital Feature Film Production course. Practical production is a cornerstone of this programme and the two films being made this year will challenge the crews in very different ways. The goal is to produce two feature films capable of propelling everyone involved into careers in feature filmmaking.