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Filmmakers Needed for Irish/Australian Feature


Producers and Directors sought for Crosshairs

Irish filmmakers are being sought for an Irish/Australian feature film set mainly in Dublin during the uprising of 1916. Based on an obscure fact (all reference has been removed from Australian military records) that a few Australian sharp-shooters, on leave in Dublin to escape the horrors of the Western Front, were drafted by the British to act as snipers and pick off Sinn Fein despatch riders during the Easter Rebellion.



At the height of the Potato Famine one of two Irish brothers sails for Australia. In 1914 this brother’s grandson joins the Australian army and becomes a sniper. After service at Gallipoli and in France he is given leave in Dublin just prior to Easter 1916. Soon befriended by a champion Irish cyclist the Aussie digger just as quickly falls in love with a striking and forceful young Irishwoman, a close but platonic friend of the cyclist. The Aussie is unaware his two new companions are committed Sinn Feiners, nor that he and the cyclist are closely related. Before he can discover any of this the Easter Uprising erupts. Suddenly the Aussie unwillingly finds himself on the rooftop of Trinity College sniping for the Brits. He is a deadly accurate marksman. And this has terrible consequences.

Developed to advanced extended treatment stage (40 pages) with assistance from Australian producer, the late David Hannay, considering that the hundredth anniversary of the Easter Uprising is fast approaching I seek expressions of interest from Irish producers and/or directors.

Not only is this story timely, I assure you, it is a terrifically emotive one.

Jim Ewing
Nelson, Victoria, Australia

(Please note, I am currently in northern Laos and may not be able to respond for a few weeks to any enquiries.)