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Finance through film’ is a something a bit different from Debt and Development Coalition Ireland: a chance to discuss the financial issues behind some popular films and contribute to DDCI’s work at the same time.

On Sunday May 29th The Debt and Development Coalition Ireland host an opportunity to revisit an eighties classic through the lens of financial justice. There will be an introduction to some of the financial issues raised in the film, a screening of the film itself and then a group discussion exploring the themes it addresses, how they are dealt with in the film, and what lessons they have for global finance today.. Wall Street is a 1987 film directed by Oliver Stone and starring Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas which tells the story of a stockbrocker who becomes involved with an unscrupulous mentor.

The talk will not presuppose any knowledge of economics or global finance: and will hopefully be fun and accessible.

Tickets will cost €10/€8 concession, and any proceeds will go towards enabling DDCI to continue its work.

To Book:

Step 1: go to

Step 2: Click on ‘one-off donation’

Step 3: enter the correct amount for the number and type of tickets you wish to book – e.g. 2 adult tickets €20, 1 adult 1 concession €18. Important: If you do not do this it will auto-fill to €20

Step 4: Pay either with debit or credit card, or using a paypal account if you have one

Step 5: Please forward the confirmation email to so that you can be contacted if there are any problems- otherwise your contact details will not be recorded.


Filmbase, 2 Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2