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Fixer Wanted for Documentary Series


De Films en Aiguille

De Films en Aiguille, a french production company is looking for a fixer for it’s documentary series “The Wind Quest.”

“The Wind Quest” is an eight-episode documentary series about the wind all over the world. An episode is being planned to shoot in western Ireland during November.

The fixer must be a dynamic and serious person who could be interested in this adventure and be a part of the team during the 10 days road trip / shooting.

Before that, you have to work with us on the editorial part. Then you prepare and find all the interviews experts, scientists, people who live or have an interest with the wind and good places for shooting. During the shoot, you’ll assists the director, organizes the appointment and coordinates the production, bookings and budget.

The 10 days shooting has to be set up between the 10th and the 30th of December.
The preparation needs to begin as soon as possible.

Please contact (with CV’s) Nicolas Imbert
00 33 171 18 34 90