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Freerunning Doc Comes to Dundrum


26th October, 2014

Freerunners Jesse La Flair & Cory DeMeyers are coming to Dublin with their documentary film From Here to There.

From Here to There is a documentary that follows best friends and professional freerunners Cory DeMeyers and Jesse La Flair on their 2013 International Freerunning and Parkour Tour. This is the story about their journey to become top athletes and break down boundaries in the fastest growing action sport in the world.

Featuring interviews and appearances by top athletes in Freerunning and Parkour, including Jason Paul, Luci “Steel” Romberg, Anan Anwar, Pasha “The Boss,” Shaun Wood, Victor “Showtime” Lopez, Gabe “Jaywalker” Nunez, Frosti, Toby Segar, Marcus Gustavason, Joel Eggiman, and other members of Tempest Freerunning, Team Farang, Ape Connection, Storror Blog, Air Wipp, Krap, and more – this is the inside look into Freerunning and Parkour as told by the Pros.

When: October 26, 2014 18:30
Where: Movies @ Dundrum, Sandyford Rd, Dundrum, Dublin 16