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#GetIntoFilm: Show Me Your Budget

12th October, 7pm

The budget is one of the most crucial parts of the planning process to ensure the successful production of any film project. How should you put yours together? This #GetIntoFilm discussion will chat to three Producers who’ve had to deal with it all!


Shooting a short film can cost anywhere from a few hundred euros on a self-funded film up to nearly €100,000 if you can attract full-scale industry support. But knowing where to start when creating a budget that reflects your own film’s scale, ambition and resources can be a daunting task for filmmakers.



As the budget levels increase, how much should you expect to pay crew and actors, what kind of deals should you allow for equipment, what will your post production and delivery charges come to, how about music, insurances, catering, transport and marketing costs for festivals? Balancing the needs of the production with the resources available is a constant challenge.



To help you get a better idea of how to budget your short film we’ve invited four producers to show their own budgets and to case study the realities of production across a range of different levels. These productions will include Sharon Cronin’s Filmbase/RTE funded Acorn, which had a budget of €10,000;  and Dave Leahy’s The Cherishing which was made with Irish Film Board funding of €65,000 through their After 16 scheme. For each short the producers will present their completed budgets, case study the production and discuss the areas of greatest financial challenge for their film.


This session is particularly intended to give filmmakers a series of practical examples of short film production costs to enable you to build your own budgets with confidence.


#GetIntoFilm is an open question series so engagement from the audience in encouraged. David has promised to provide answers and advice on any aspects of the industry that are relevant to the audience present.


These events are always FREE for Filmbase members and €5 for non-members but make sure to book your place; there are only a limited number of places available.

To book your spot please contact Filmbase on 01 679 6716 and dial 0 for reception. For more information, contact