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In This Place

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Completes Post-Production

The short film In This Place is completing post-production and is being prepared for the festival circuit.

In This Place is a drama set in a small West of Ireland town. It follows a man who is constantly talking about changing his life but always finds some excuse not too, his actions over the course of one particular day may take some of those choices out of his hands.

The script was written by Tristan Heanue (Love, Rosie, Runner), who also plays the lead role. Other cast members include Rebekah Wainwright (The Tudors, How To Be Happy) and Sean T O’Meallaigh (Jimmy’s Hall, Citizen Charlie).

The film, shot on location in Connemara over 3 days in July 2013, was directed by Alec Moore (Behind The Sword In The Stone) with Kevin Minogue (Limp) as Director Of Photography.