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Irish Film Institute’s ‘Gearrscannáin for Senior Cycle’ Study Guide available now

AsalThe Irish Film Institute and Irish Film Board have teamed up to produce a Study Guide to the Gearrscannáin short films Sylvia, El Toro, Buddy, Asal, Beirt Le Chéile and Rúbaí for secondary school students.

Sylvia, El Toro, Buddy and Asal are available to watch now on the IFB’s short-film channel at The two most recent films, Beirt Le Chéile and Rúbaí, will be online in a few months. All are in the Irish language with English subtitles.

The Gearrscannáin for Senior Cycle Study Guide is available to download in PDF form here. It aims to get students thinking about the films’ plotlines, characters and themes – which include bullying, emigration, religion and animal cruelty – and includes notes for teachers, discussion questions and word challenges, and behind-the-scenes information from the filmmakers.

Please note: these six Gearrscannáin films were selected specifically for a secondary school audience (12+). Other short films on the IFB’s short-film channel are unclassified and therefore are only recommended for viewers over 18 years of age. Teachers who plan to screen short films other than these chosen six Gearrscannáin should preview them to determine their suitability.

For more information about the Irish Film Board’s Gearrscannáin funding scheme for Irish-language short films, click here.

To learn about the Irish Film Institute’s education programme for schools, click here.