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Jameson Cult Film Club screening of The Usual Suspects


In Cork and Galway

Following on the successful screenings of Predator, Die Hard, Intermission and LA Confidential, the Jameson Cult Film Club returned to Cork and Galway last week for unforgettable screenings of The Usual Suspects. Organisers were challenged with transporting the audience right into the murky world of criminal mastermind Keyser Söze and the lucky ticket holders to this free event were not left disappointed.

Cork’s City Hall and Galway’s Black Box Theatre were completely transformed into a series of sets from the film as lookalike actors interacted with the crowd. Guests entered the venue through the police station, complete with a broken Kobayashi porcelain cup on the ground after navigating their way through the open dock area of San Petro Bay for the Jameson drinks reception.

Throughout the screening, live theatre, props and staging created an electric atmosphere in the venue including the cinema house rules expertly acted out to the audience in the style of the infamous line-up scene and the hysterical burn victim being wheeled through the audience proclaiming that he saw Keyser Söze.

Following the screening, the party continued in true Jameson style with guests tucking into ‘Kobayashi’ burgers and Jameson, Ginger and Lime long drinks while renowned DJ Aidan Kelly played some ‘killer’ tunes.

For the uninitiated, Jameson Cult Film Club is all about watching your favourite cult films at spectacular screenings, staged to transport you into the film’s universe. This is a free event for movie fans, check out for details of upcoming screenings and register your details for the chance to win tickets.