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Language Fair 2015


Saturday, 6th June 2015, 11am to 4pm

Are you a prospective or current language learner? A language practitioner, teacher, lecturer? An international officer, cultural service or embassy staff member? Are you involved in the language business or is someone who is simply interested in language learning? Come to the Language Fair and share your interest in languages.

There will be two free events running in parallel – Language Fair 2015 and a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) on “The Language Experience Abroad.” Both events are free and open to all.

The first of its kind in Ireland, the Language Fair 2015 will showcase language learning and teaching in Ireland. The event is intended to raise awareness and profile the diversity and vibrancy of language learning at all levels and ages in a variety of mainstream and non-mainstream educational contexts. You will have the opportunity to meet language practitioners exhibiting their projects, promoting life-long language learning and examples of best practice in language learning and teaching. You will have access to many of the wide, diverse and vibrant languages in Ireland and appreciate what role languages play in the community.

At our parallel Continuous Professional Development event on the “Language Experience Aproad” you can attend presentations and familiarise yourself with current research on study abroad, work placement abroad, pre-departure preparation, aspects of intercultural learning and language proficiency, how approaches to mobility have evolved, and the use of social media and language resources to support and enhance the student mobility experience. Discover, participate, communicate!

Both events are funded by the National Forum for Teaching & Learning Disciplinary Network and jointly organised by the IoTs Languages Network & One Voice for Languages.